MoMo Stippen

Hey there, thanks for taking interest to read about me. I hope I can make this Bio informative and fun at the same time. It’s safe to say I’ve always been physically expressive and mentally articulate, but growing up I never imagined how it would all play out; that I would one day be asked to lead others in their physical practice. So, Yoga. It wasn’t always Yoga. It started out with calisthenics, swimming (which is not my forte, except in tropical climates), street-dancing, running, …by the time I started hitting the Gym I’d also found a personal martial arts instructor who introduced me to both hard and soft approaches to training. Concentration and breathing turned out to be just as important as the mechanics of movement. Endurance is as much about focus as it is about strength. And to stay focused the practice needs to be as interesting as it is challenging. Fun (the good clean kind) is the healthiest thing anybody can have. And it increases flexibility! My own capacity for having fun and practice hard at the same time really took off when I met my Vinyasa Yoga-teachers almost 2 decades ago. They showed me how to be sincere without seriousness. No matter what you do, whatever kind of practice you have, love is always the way to go. Only you can make yourself feel good about being you. Hope to see you soon !

Vinyasa Flow