MarjoleinMarjolein Vos

After just one session, I realized how healing and powerful Yoga Nidra can be. That first encounter was during my Burn-out and I left the studio that day very differently as how I arrived: my body felt so relaxed, I felt completely restored, like I just had the best powernap of my life and my mind was filled with positivity & new intentions! I started doing it as much as I could and saw the quality of my life massively improving. So when my favorite teacher announced that she was starting a training group, I instantly signed up! My Deep Relax Yoga Nidra Intensive training took place at the House of Deep Relax, founded by Eliane Bernhard, who is leading in the development and evolution of Yoga Nidra in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands. Next to that, after years of practicing Yoga at home and in studios, I just started my Vinyasa Teacher Training at the Nieuwe Yoga School, and I’m aspiring to teach Vinyasa Yoga in the upcoming year. A beautiful addition next to teaching Yoga Nidra. My background is in Psychology, and that used to be my focus, being all in the mind. Due to that background in Psychology I’m thrilled and can get so excited about the science behind Yoga Nidra, how it works and that it is proven to have a positive effect on health and happiness. Next to Yoga, my passions are vegan cooking, enjoying live music and expressing myself on the dancefloor with my friends. As a born and raised Amsterdammer, I’m always chatty and talking to everyone, especially about the things I’m passionate about. To see Yoga taking over my beloved city and all those vegan restaurants popping up everwhere, that fills my heart with joy. And for me, joy is the key!