My name is Maja, and I moved to Amsterdam in February 2017. I’ve
pacticing yoga for over a decade. I completed my Vinyasa & Ashtanga
teacher training in 2012, as well as some more recent advanced
training in yoga anatomy, which nicely complements my study of
Biomedical science, in which I hold a Doctorate (PhD).
Born in Croatia, grew up in Australia, and have taught at studios
in Germany and Austria where I have also lived, so I consider myself
somewhat of a world citizen and a very well-travelled yogini!

I teach a dynamic style of Vinyasa flow which includes arm balances
and inversions. I try to pay homage to the ancient roots of the the
Vinaysa lineage in my teaching and my sequencing, but with a focus
onĀ  fun and palyfulness too.

I believe that the benefits of yoga are accessible to everyone. The
harmonious union of mind, breath and movement, creates a state of
moving meditation, and a mindfulness that transcends the four
courners of the mat!