My journey with yoga has been a winding one, manifesting first in
California, where I was initially drawn to the physical aspects of Power
Yoga. By the time I had jumped across the pond to Amsterdam, I craved a
deeper connection to the practice. I went on to study Ashtanga, Hatha
and Vinyasa Asana practices as well as Pranayama. I’ve discovered the
power of the mind body connection that the physical practice of yoga
(asana) provides. My belief is that there is no such thing as a perfect
practice and that each time we arrive on our mat, we are reintroduced to
ourselves. What we do on the mat stays with us throughout the day and my
goal in teaching is to cultivate this same awareness in each of my
students. When not in the studio you can find me catching every bit of
sunshine at the park with my dog Bowie.