yoga-school-amsterdam-teacher-Anoushka-HavenAnoeska H

Anoeska was introduced to yoga in 2000. She found that the strength and body awareness she established through her background in martial art and fitness was easy to transition to her asana practice. The element of introspection, on the other hand, was something totally new and more of a challenge to her. Over time, this is what she has grown to love most about practicing yoga and is what brings her back to her mat again and again.

In 2010 She started deepened her practice by taking Yoga Workshops then by 2014 she finally took her teacher training right here in Amsterdam. She designs her classes to cultivate harmony and balance in the body. She is dedicated to helping students become more conscious through connection to breath in movement and in stillness and to have fun along. Anoeska prefers energetic Vinyasa Flow style classes and loves a good arm balance or inversion challenge. She admits to still finding them both a little scary.

Amsterdam Zuid, Jordaan, Nieuw West, Rivierenbuurt