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Nice and cosy place, the practice was amazing! - Bertha
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Very nice studio and loved the flow of the class. Asthanga based but with some nice variations which keeps it interesting
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Hot vinyasa flow: It was my second course with Sanne and I liked both of them a lot! The courses are perfect for stretching, it is not too warm and you feel great afterwards! - Annabelle
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very nice location very relaxing class very professional trainer - Julia
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It was a great training and a good combination between muscles and pose. A good work out to start your day. - Benthe
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Super fijne Hot Power Yogales van Tara! goede balans intensief, power, ademhaling. - Douglas
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Great class and yoga teacher, it was my first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Will come again. - Irina

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Was a great lesson by Joanna. Good mix of relaxation & intense postures. Perfect start of the morning!

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