Resi Lankester

Getting to know your body and realizing how important it is to trust it and to listen to it: that’s what I learned after my first Hatha Teacher Training in 2012. I discovered things about myself – about my body and my mind- that I would have never encountered if I hadn’t entered the yoga path.

After Hatha, I deepened (and still deepen) my practice by studying the Ashtanga Primary Series. In 2015 I finished my 200 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training in India.

In the meanwhile I studied with one of my favorite Swedish Hatha teachers, who taught my how to space out  meditate.

What you can expect when you come to my class? Here you will find the space to discover yourself: your body, your mind and your breath. That can be really fun, but it can also be confronting or frustrating. For me, these struggles have taught (and still teach!) me the most. For example: I still feel my whole body panic when I come into Turtle pose (Supta Kurmasana). But on the other hand: I now love the once so frightening headstand (Sirsasana)! Essential for me: your body is not here to get you in the pose. The pose is there to help you get in your body (and out of that ongoing brain…)
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