What is Power Vinyasa Yoga vs. Bikram Yoga?

Two styles within the same Hatha Yoga family, Bikram is a challenging, regimented practice with concentrated postures following a timed, fixed sequence of 26 asanas. Comparatively, Vinyasa Flow is more dynamic, free-flowing yoga aiming to synchronize breathing with movement – the posture sequences flow in line with your inhalations and exhalations (Vinyasa), and there is more variety in the series which leads to a more balanced practice.

The postures in this class are diverse so that they balance out both strength and flexibility; the routine usually includes standing sequences, inversions, forward bends, twists, hip openers, arm-balances and backbends, finishing with savasana (final meditation).In both Hot Flow Yoga Studios we offer a “GENTLE FLOW” lessons. This is a slower paced class. A great place to start for beginners but also a good alternative for experienced students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the postures.

What’s Hot Flow Yoga?

Hot Flow Yoga incorporate a flowing, dynamic form of yoga sequences aligned with organic breathing. Taught with specific alignment and timing to optimise the benefits of practicing yoga in a heated environment, the room temperature is 35ºC to help facilitate a deep and effective stretch to your entire body. You will notice that the heat creates a detoxifying sweat, and leaves you with a healthy glow.

For brand new yogis to HFY, or those looking to deepen their practice with dedicated focus on alignment, sign up for a private class. One of our highly-experienced instructors will lead you through a practice made just for you.