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Your host: Anoeska Haven

In the heart of the fashion district in Amsterdam we give you a space to unwind and to let go all tensions of your hard working day.
At the Koninginwilhelminaplein 50 across from the World Fashion Center, we opened our doors of our new Hot Flow Yoga studio.

In terms of the visual appearance of the venue, I was inspired by the urban site of this town.

We focus on building a community.
Our classes are build from the creativity from the heart as we give our teachers space to share there personalities with you, our teachers are pioneers in there field
Dancers, yoga teachers by heart, spiritual tigers who can provide the best guidance during your hour to let go of everything that does not serve you.

We focus on building your mind your body and your soul, we create this in a heated environment between 31 and 36 degree.

Conventional wisdom would suggest that if the air temperature were freezing, then you too would feel cold. However the infrared waves emitted by the sun travel unimpeded through space, and warm any object they hit, including your body.

To speak frankly I never was a huge fan of the gym. “One day, several years ago I randomly stepped into a yoga class and I fell in love, I never looked back. I realised that there must be others out there like me, who just didn’t get on with the gym, but still wanted a way to stay active and also help you to settle your mind and get blissful.

This is how Hot Flow Yoga Nieuw West was born.

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Koningin Wilhelminaplein 50,
1062 KS Amsterdam
06 4597 8856



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