Hot Flow Yoga studios Amsterdam: Zuid, Jordaan, Rivierenbuurt
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Welcome at Hot Flow Yoga! Hot Flow Yoga is offering Hot Yoga with You in it. We will take care of the infrared heating, the ventilation and the world class teachers. Welcoming yoga students to our studio’s in Jordaan, Zuid & Rivierenbuurt. Check out our schedule and sign up via Eversports.

Special Prices

10 Class Card


(Valid for 1 year)

Introduction offer: 3 Class Card


(Valid for 1 month)

Hot Flow Yoga West is closed. Any questions? Feel free to contact Joanna (T. 06 251 13 968).


Hot Flow Yoga West is closed. Any questions? Feel free to contact Joanna (T. 06 251 13 968).


  1. About the team

    Hot Flow Yoga’s team of world class yoga teachers hail from all corners of beautiful mother earth. Allow us to guide you through your yoga journey. Our teachers strive to be inspiring and tolerant, always hardworking, and committed to the global community of yoga.

  2. Why should I visit Hot Flow Yoga?

    Hot Flow Yoga offers hot vinyasa flow at its best. Our team will guide you through a practice to build strength, resiliency and inner peace. Breath and movement in harmony – let this be your mantra.

  3. What do I need to know when I come for the first time?

    Improve your mind-body connection. You are your own teacher, allow us to be your guide. Challenge yourself and listen to your body. Child’s pose and breath are always welcome, even in the most powerful classes.

  4. Do I need to bring my own equipment or can I borrow it?

    You can use the mats and other equipment from us. Please thoroughly clean them and give back to the teacher.

  5. What language are the classes taught in?

    All the classes at Hot Flow Yoga are taught in English

  6. What else do I need to know?

    Be ready to have fun and play on your mat! Come with a gentle, open mind. Be easy on yourself as you explore your practice. Be on time for practice, dressed and ready to practice. Showers are open again but you have to bring your own towel. We have none for rental.


  • Be sure to book your classes in advance! Online reservations are mandatory.
  • Please arrive to class early.
  • Please be dressed and ready to practice hot yoga. Our change rooms, showers and toilets are available.
  • Bring your own towel. There is no rental service for towels.
  • 2-hour cancellation window for all classes.


Please feel free to contact us in case you have inquires:
Hot Flow Yoga Jordaan – Ann Charlotte T: +31616243214
Hot Flow Yoga Zuid – Joanna T: +31625113968
Hot Flow Yoga Rivierenbuurt – Joanna T: +31625113968