Hot Flow Yoga studios Amsterdam: Zuid, Jordaan & Rivierenbuurt
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Hot Flow Yoga welcomes you to their heated world of freedom. Through our small group practices our teachers connect with you on a personal level. With our diversity of classes, we playfully work on your mind, body and soul. Book your class at one of our Hot Flow Yoga studios in Amsterdam.

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Yoga mat

  • Unlimited introduction offer

  • 30valid 1 week
  • 5 Lessons Introduction offer

  • 50valid 1 month

Personal attention

  • Undivided attention from our yoga instructors
  • Hands on adjustments and assistance to deepen your postures
  • Step by step introduction and guidance for beginners and first timers
  • Guidance how to enhance practice and deepen postures for all levels of yogi

Small Group Training

  • Maximum of 20 students per class
  • Small and cozy studio
  • Get to know your group and instructor

Soft, radiating heat

  • Studios are heated between 35°C – 38°C
  • State of the art ceiling infraredheating panels, which provide soft, radiating heat
  • Warmth helps aid flexibility and increase potential of each posture
  • Body heat generation helps the metabolism and improves circulation

Also a yoga class for you

Hot Flow Yoga offers yoga practice for students of all walks of life, and at all skill levels. Our goal is to help you reach yours; whether related to fitness and strength, or calming connection and stress relief. Yoga is meant for everyone, no matter what experience you bring to the mat, whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting out.

What makes Hot Flow Yoga unique?

Our yoga studios are heated between 35°C – 38°C during all practices. This helps aid flexibility and increases potential of each posture. We are using state of the art ceiling infrared heating panels, which provide soft, radiating heat. You can compare this to how the sun warms the air around us. This warmth enhances the flexibility of your joints and muscles, which allows you to get deeper into your postures and helps you adapt the practice to how you feel fit.

Body heat generation helps the metabolism and improves circulation. The time you spend in the heated room will make you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and more energetic.

Teachers at Hot Flow Yoga

We are passionate about teaching these subjects that we naturally know, and have come to yoga from mixed sports, fitness and training backgrounds, which means we’re not only professional athletes but we’re also soul gangsters in yoga – and began our yogic journeys each many moons ago, on a path to deeper awareness, connection and physical health. Having the background that we do, we pay special attention to correct body alignment, and we work to gently correct when we see posture nearly there, so that you get the very best out of the time you put in.

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