Food for Yogis

Learn how to eat properly before and after your yoga practice!

Available all year long, you can start whenever you want!

3 Months Unlimited Hot Flow Yoga + Food for Yogis €300.-

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or 3 Automatic Payments of €100.-

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Includes: intensive food coaching for 2-3 months (5 face-to-face consultations and unlimited e-coaching)

By focusing on natural foods and boosting your metabolism, you can lose weight, tone your body and make your skin and hair glow. The program consists of five personal consultations all during approximately 2 to 3 months.


In collaboration with Hot Flow Yoga, bbb dietetics offers you an intensive nutritional program that prepares you to get in shape. You will be coached by your personal registered dietician Coline. You start with an intake at the beginning of the program, continued by follow-up consultations, and one consultation to finalize the program. Consultations include analysis of your eating habits, a tailored nutritional advice which fit your desires, body measurements, advice about vitamin status and intensive behavioral coaching.

In the last session you will focus on maintaining sustainable, healthy eating habits over time and finding a good personal balance between your nutritional needs and activity level so that you can fully enjoy all pleasures in life. If you have medical complaints which are linked to nutrition, your dietician is capable to provide you the best professional treatment. Between your consultations, you can ask your dietician questions via e-mail.

When you have applied for the program, you contact Coline to make an appointment for an intake at her practice. Intakes take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays. After the intake, you plan your follow-ups with Coline.
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Protein Shape Up!

1 Month Nutrition Plan + Online Coaching €50.-

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Includes: High Protein Meal Plan, Prefered Product List, Shopping List, Nutrition Before and After Yoga Practice

Are you looking for a way to become stronger and tone your body with high quality nutrition?

Hot yoga in combination with a diet rich in proteins can help you improve your muscle mass and give you a fit and strong body! Hot flow yoga offers you a one month protein nutrition program, in which you will be guided by bbb dietitian Coline.

Once you’ve applied, you receive your nutrition package via email. This package consists of a high protein meal plan, a prefered foods list for variation, a shopping list and tips about what to eat before and after your yoga practise. During this month you have the opportunity to ask your dietitian Coline all your questions via email. She will e-coach you throughout the program.

Practice! During this month, it’s important to practise at least two medium-intensive yoga classes a week (hot core flow, hot vinyasa flow). You can combine this with more relaxing classes like relax and flow.
Vegetarian or vegan? No problem. There are plenty of plant-based options in the menu.


Come to the Yogi Nutrition workshops!

We will organize nutrition workshop at the studio. During these session, nutrition coach will explain how the program works, and what you can expect. There is plenty enough time to ask your questions. No time? No problem!

Free Shape Up Workshop!

Duration: 2 hours

Date: May 7th, Time: 14:00-16:00 hrs.

In this workshop we will explain the role of proteins in our diet, and how can we used then in order to improve you muscles and give you a strong and slim body.

We also will discuss how to combine them with our yoga practice.

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 Free Nutrition Workshop!

Duration 1 hour workshop + 0,5 hour of question time with the dietitian.

Dates: TBA

  • Are you curious about what’s best to eat before and after class?
  • Do you want to get the best out of  your nutrition so you will perform best on you mat?
  • How many proteins should you eat in order to enhance your metabolism and nourish your muscles needed for your asanas?

To get all the answers, come to our super healthy nutrition workshop!

In this workshop, provided by your Hot Flow Yoga Dietitian Coline, you will learn about a healthy, balanced diet which suits the needs of the modern yogi.
There will be plenty enough time to ask your (personal) questions so you can immediately improve your diet in daily life and get the fullest out of your yoga work outs!

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Coline Schoonbeek, Dietician
T   06-14463316