Dear New Hot Flow Yogi,

Here’s a full introduction to all things hot flow yoga, just for you – happy reading!  This page is dedicated to helping you navigate through our studio, and let you in on everything you’ll need to know about membership to get you rolling.

Firstly, choose your prefered studio and click into it. This will take you through to our booking page where you can create an account, either as a first-time joiner using your email, or linked up with your Facebook account. We will never post anything to Facebook on your behalf – it’s just a connection service to quickly identify you in our system.

Feel welcome to download the free MINDBODY app on your phone – that way you’ll be able to book classes anytime you want, with just a few taps.

A complete profile will make your check-in process a breeze. Add in your picture, birthday, mobile number, emergency number, and, optionally, save your bank details for quick and easy renewals. Having up-to-date info helps us in getting ahold of you in case of last-minute cancellations. Once your account is all set up, you can go ahead and start booking your practice!

1 Extra Step in the MINDBODY App:

If you are creating and setting up your account through the MINDBODY app, there is one extra step to do – and that is, to search for our studio in the search bar. Depending on the location you are looking for, type in the following:

  • For Jordaan: Hot Flow Yoga Jordaan
  • For Zuid and Rivierenbuurt: Hot Flow Yoga Amsterdam

Sharing your location may help. Please note that the studios in Zuid and Rivierenbuurt are under the same MINDBODY account; on the desktop version, you can toggle between the two in the drop-down menu located above the schedule.

If you are using the MINDBODY app, you can differentiate between the studios by their addresses:

  • Zuid: Koninginneweg
  • Rivierenbuurt: Amstelkade


Because Rivierenbuurt and Zuid are under the same MINDBODY account, we place a code before the name of the practices so you can make the correct purchase. For example, RB – €25 Intro Offer (Rivierenbuurt) and ZUID- €25 intro offer.


At all of our studios, you may pay either online using your credit card, or directly at the studio using your pin card.

If you don’t have a credit card, you can still book your practice but choose the option “book as unpaid” instead. This way, your spot is reserved, and you’re able to pay at the studio once you arrive.

Introduction Offers:

As a new Hot Flow Yogi, you can opt for any of our 2 introductory offers:

€ 25 Week Unlimited: visit the studio as many times as you like; that way you can meet a variety of teachers, experience the various lesson types and really get to know hot flow yoga and find your own rhythm for what suits you best

Introductory €40 for 5 times in 1 month: any 5 practices can be taken at your pace, anytime within a 1 month period
These offers are available for a one-time-only purchase only, either one or the other, as a first-time visitor to Hot Flow Yoga. Introductory packages are only valid at the studio location where they are purchased, only for the duration specified.

Booking Policies:

We are very small and cozy studios, compared to the big and crowded yoga studios out there, and because of this, we have limited spaces reserved for our beloved yogis to enjoy the Hot Flow Yoga experience. This is why we ask you to please book your classes beforehand, or ideally, book all of the lessons you are planning to take in the near future, which you are able to commit to.

If you need more information, please check our frequently asked questions (f.a.q.) section and find out more about what to expect for your first class!


Download the MindBody-App


If you have any other question please don’t hesitate to contact us via email:

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